Why Cats Put Their Butt In Our Face?

As cat parents, we all know too well that our cats love to put their butt in our faces! I was curious about why they do this so I reached out to my sister down in Florida who runs our flagship location there called MEOW! A Cat Sitting Company to find out why! Big sis knows all about these things and here is what she said!

There are several reasons why cats do this. Below are just a few that she mentioned.


Sure, it is not as endearing as a rub up against your leg or a lick but when a cat shows you his fanny, it means your cat loves and adores you and of course wants to be petted. This type of cat behavior is also deeply rooted in cats. Mama cats show their affection to their kittens by licking them everywhere including their butt. Your cat is just doing what Mama would do to him.


When cats stick their butt in your face, it is a sign that they trust you. So when you cat is basically turning his back to you, and exposing a vulnerable area, its his way of saying I trust you and I know I won’t need to defend myself with you.


As crazy as this seems, it is true that in cat world, proper feline etiquette is putting their butt in your face to say hi!

So the next time you are sitting watching TV and your cat comes over to you with his/her butt in your face, give your feline friend some love and say hello…

Thanks for reading!