With Meow At The Lake, we will visit your home and care for your cats in their most comfortable environment- their own home, where all the sights, smells and sounds they are used to remain the same. With Meow At The Lake, we understand that each cat home is unique.  Some of our customers with elderly cats or those requiring medication twice per day, would need a morning and evening visit. For other cat homes with younger cats and those not on medication, one visit per day is fine. please note, due to insurance requirements as well as the well being of your cats, we must visit cats a minimum of one x per day. We do not allow every other day visits. The chart below outlines what we do on each visit.

OUR CAT SITTING VISIT- $25.00 per visit

Feed and provide fresh water as well as clean cats food station

Scoop litter box (s) on each visit and remove waste from home

Administer medication and/or vitamins ( if applicable )

One on one playtime with your cats

Daily visit updates via text and email

Water indoor plants

Bring in mail, paper and any packages left

Rotate lights to give lived in look to your home while you are away

Take trash to the curb and/or bring trash container back up